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PPC or Pay Per Click is the Most effective Digital Marketing plan for instant results

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a robust online marketing activity that involves placing a text Ad of business on top of SERP for relevant searches. The client does not have to pay until a user clicks on the text link in SERP and lands on the client’s website or advertised site. That is why it is known as Pay-per-click. The position of the Ad in the SERP depends on the bidding system and for which position has the client sided. Naturally, the highest bidder walks away with the top rank.

PPC advertising or PPC promotion is used by those who want quickest and most targeted results with advertising. Today almost every buyer either buys online directly or uses search engines to compare the best buy. Usually, any online window-shopper does not go to second or third pages of SERP. So in case your business website is far behind in the search engine queue then you are missing potential customers big time. Organic SEO can get you to the top of SERP at negligible costs but it takes its own sweet time. PPC is the instant fix if you want to see electric fast results.

Benefits of PPC for your business

  • Small investment to start with
  • Pay only if target user clicks on Ad and reaches at your advertised site
  • No ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ – 100% instant top page rank
  • Surge ahead from competitors/established brands
  • Real-time tracking of impact possible
  • Sales conversions self-finance future PPC ads
  • Analytical reports can point out most effective keywords
  • Discard ineffective keywords and bid for more performing ones

How can Digit Bazar help you with PPC

At Digit Bazar, we believe in parking the best advantage with our clients as we realize how tough it is to survive online with so much competition around. We aim to deliver you best click-throughs, a maximum volume of traffic and highest ROI. You can rest assured that our PPC service will put you ahead of your competitors in a jiffy. Some of the ways we achieve this is by doing the following:

  • Optimize the text Ad
  • Bid for most effective keywords
  • Create high-quality PPC landing pages
  • Making the PPC campaign geo-targeted for maximum impact
  • Display ads in Google search and associative display networks
  • Keep a vigil on campaign progress
  • Reduce CPC rates with increased volume
  • Discard fewer impact keywords and retain the traffic puller ones
  • Retarget the campaign

Why Choose Digit Bazar for PPC campaign

We help you by suggesting the best PPC strategy which is bound to target the right audience in most impactful manner. We have long years of PPC expertise and we make sure that our client’s investment in PPC is rewarded with a high click through rate and that the landing pages and the sales content are top notch quality to cause a sales event. Honestly, even though our role is in getting you maximum visibility and increased a volume of traffic, but we don’t feel satisfied till this traffic is resulting in the steep increase in ROI. In case we see the campaign is not living up to huge expectations, we immediately redesign and retarget the campaign to make it more efficient and result oriented.

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At Digit Bazar we make sure you get the best of our expertise. We provide services in UK, London, US, Los Angeles, San Francisco, India, Delhi, Australia, Sydney, Dubai, UAE, Singapore, New York, NYC, California, LA, Ohio, Chicago, Denver, Bangalore and Nevada, basically across the globe.

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